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Note : This is not official website of APTECH or any part of it.

My name is Sajjad and I am student of APTECH Sialkot and i developed this website just for my collage competition at 15-09-2001 and published to show visitors quality web design services provided by S web design.

So please if you have any questions or comments regarding Aptech please visit there official web site or if you cannot find then contact through this website.

This website uses and requires JavaScript and Flash Plug-in and due to on tripod, ads are served,  I've tested and as this site having international web awards it's safe to visit this site. If you have any problem to viewing this site please check your browser or os for problems or settings and requirements. no claims will be accepted if you have any problem caused by this site.

System Requirements to view this site exactly as I designed.
MsIE 4.0 or Later
Sound Card, Speakers
Flash 5 player
800x600 screen resolution
and it has been observed that faster pc's show smooth animation and effects, pc's slower than 400Mhz may be degrade in performance while visiting this site.

Something about this site. Whenever you'll enter this site there will be something changed. must check it.

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Sajjad Tufail


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