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Web Promotion

Do you know ?

Today's businesses having no web presence are losing too much expected extension to them
and businesses having web presence are losing more than having no web presence. Both are
equal ? no They are not......  why?

Consider if you are having website to present your company, You have paid for your unique
domain name, hosting and development and other process if have.

You have invested money to expand your business. But did such happened ?

Actually having a good looking website is not enough. You need targeted qualified web traffic
to your site. How can people know that you have website or there is a web site containing
these types of products or services they are looking for services or
products which you are producing. How can they Locate You.....?

The latest observation on internet shows that more than 80% of net surfers are using search
engines to obtain such kind of information. They just type of keyword which they think is
most relevant to products or services they are seeking for.

for example if a person wants to purchase a car definitely he'll look for keyword "car" or
"automobile" at any search engines he like because may be he doesn't know the web address
of Toyota car company or may use keyword Toyota to locate it. So when search engine will
return results of his query with most relevant sites having such kind of information or products
he need then he'll definitely visit those sites. This is the way to get targeted qualified web
traffic to any site that it appears in search engine queries.

Don't get fooled by those who says that we submit to thousands of search engines actually
only the high quality web traffic is generated by major engines such as Altavista, Google, 
Yahoo, Msn, Lycos, Hotbot, Alltheweb, infoseek, excite etc

At S web design we also provide quality, decent and reasonable web promotion or you can
say internet marketing. we do not claim that we are the best, because the search engines
does not guarantee that they will list any site requested to show in their query or search
result so we strive for best considering our client's satisfaction as main asset for us, and 
after 2 year experience we come to know the basic logic and techniques  that how and why
search engines reject and accepts site listing requests.

for demonstration of our site listings please check at and
for the site of our respected international client. for keyword
( dynabee ) and look for the site THESUPERGYRO.COM actually his company or company's
products are well known with name of dynabee so he order us that peoples look for his site
for keyword ( dynabee, gyroscopic exercisers ) etc and his site needs to appear in result
of such keywords which best matches to his website. by searching keyword ( dynabee )
you'll find that the site will appear at the top of search results.

As we are located in Sialkot Pakistan and for keyword ( aptech sialkot ) you can see our site ( this site ) at yahoo, google at top of the search results and with
good ranking with other keywords.

You can also search for keyword ( Sialkot flash site ) and will find that Welcome to APTECH
Sialkot website     and        S web design site on first page and top on ranking in search

for keyword (  Interface flash 3d  ) you can also see our site at yahoo and google on first
rank with site address

For futhur Information Please Contacts Us.    Thanks

Let us make your site more visible on the net.


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